YouTube on fire!So its been just over a year since YouTube deleted several of my videos and threatened to close my account. Since that time I have made many new videos and gained many new subscribers to my channel. In the late spring of last year I disabled all the ads for all the videos on my YouTube account. I wasn’t trying to make money from advertising I was trying to make high-quality videos that would inform people how to do or how to use certain products.

What I found out the last few days has surprised me. Back in September I came up with a video entitled: stopping YouTube autoplay. The video was being seen by a fair number of people each day and since it wasn’t SCO related I decided to throw advertising on it. The day after I have the advertising start both my views and my time watched spiked on my analytics. I figured it was just a fluke.

On the third day of having advertising on that one video I decided to turn advertising on other videos just to see what would happen. What happened was the traffic again spiked, the view time spiked. This really should not come as a surprise because Google is an advertising company first and foremost. It makes perfect sense that Google would want to promote videos that have advertising.

youtube views

Because of this discovery, in the future I would recommend that anybody who had a video that they want to be seen by many people should consider putting advertising on the video. Before I found this out I thought that high-quality videos should not have advertising and they would be seen by a lot of people and spread through word-of-mouth. Now I know if you want your videos to be seen by as many people as possible you want to have advertising in your watch time

Even though my videos now have advertising in many of them, I still chose to limit the amount of advertising in the videos. I chose to go with the overlay banner ads because I find that the videos that play as the advertisement before my videos can be awfully annoying. I have not done testing to find out if having those video advertising’s would result in even more displays of my videos, so that is something I will have to test in the future. Given that video advertising is often more lucrative than just banner advertising I would not find it surprising if videos that have those type of advertisements would be shown even more.

Lastly I would like to think my sister for a wonderful gift during the last holidays here. She gave me some software called Dragon naturally speaking. Not that she will ever see this, but it is her birthday today and I wanted to acknowledge her. This entire blog post was dictated to my computer and I did not have to type a single word out. It does take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to write a lot more content and a lot less time. I hope I can use the software to come out with more timely blog posts in the future. Let me know the comments below if anyone else use this type of software.

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