presentationHi, I want to thank you for attending my presentation at the Workforce Center.  I’m really excited to offer help to business owners such as yourself.  I’ve put together a list of tutorials designed to help people just like you either at no cost, or at very little cost.  Keep in mind that some of the things I talk about may have some cost to them, but I do my best to provide the biggest return on your investment.  One of the things I’m most happy to share is the professional marketing tools that I use every day.  One of the problems I had when I was learning about online marketing was just how many people are out there to sell you junk that does not work.  What is worse is they get their friends to post reviews saying how good the product is, or how this “really made the difference” for them.  One of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time is stop people from buying the junk out there that all new marketers buy.

tutorialOn the tutorial tab at the top of the page I have links to the rest of the tutorials that I have done for more advanced marketers.  I highly recommend everyone check them out after they watch the basics below.  A word of caution though, while  all of the tutorials that are available on this page cannot cause anything bad to happen to the marketing of your site, not all of the ones on the other page are the same.  Because of the complicated way that online marketing works some of the more advanced tutorials discus topics that could caused unintended results if done incorrectly.  I do not want to scare anyone from trying things yourself, however if you have questions about any of this it is best to ask questions before you do anything.  Again, any tutorial on this page cannot hurt your site as they are only the basics.

Tips for Choosing a Website Name   (Tutorial to be added soon)
How to Find a Web Host
Choosing a CMS for Your Website
How to Install and Set Up WordPress   (Tutorial to be added soon)
How to do Keyword Research   (Tutorial to be added soon)
How to Set Up Google Analytics   (Tutorial to be added soon)
How to Set Up Google Webmaster Tools   (Tutorial to be added soon)
How to Set Up Citations and Why You Need Them
Basics of How to Use Google Analytics to Track Visitors
How to Stop Email Spam

If you came here for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation you can download it here.  (Download to be added soon)