White Hat vs Black Hat

white hat vs black hatThis is a subject that many new marketers get confused by when they start.  Part of the reason is that black hat is the term that hackers get when they go hacking into websites, your back accounts or any other place you really don’t want them getting into.  Black hat in SEO is a little different.  Black hat in SEO only means that it is against Google’s best practice’s.

To be clear, there are many good White hat techniques that work great for getting traffic, rankings and attention of the customers you want.  The main problem is that this requires a lot more effort than most people want to put into it.  I have seen people hiring SEO’s to do “only white hat link building”.  Sorry bub, but any link building you do is by definition black hat.  It is amusing to see people cut and paste the requirements other people demand without even understanding what they are asking for.

One of the easiest things you can do to get imediate attention from people who you want to buy from you, or your target audience is to use Google Alerts.  You can sign up for them at google.com/alerts  What you can do with these alerts is set up keywords you are looking for, and when conversation on the internet happens you get an email.  You can join in on the conversation, and have a chance to get people interested in your product, your website or whatever it is you do based on your helpfulness.  I did a video on it a while back:

So that is an immediate way you can get traffic with white hat, but what about black hat?  What black hat is good at is raising your site in the rankings in the short term.  If done right you will have full control of the black hat methods you use so that when the white hat methods start supporting your traffic needs you will be able to remove them to avoid any future penalty.  Black hat methods include building backlinks to other sites and having them link to yours, either with PBN’s or 2.0 sites.  You can also do this by linking to other sites that already link to yours.  There are quite a bit more ways to do black hat, but that’s for another write up.

The main point is that for most of us white hat or black hat is not going to meet all of our needs.  Gray hat is where most SEO’s operate, doing the tight rope walk to rank a site and drive traffic, but not attract unwanted attention from Google.  Interested in keeping out the bad black hat hackers from your site?  Take a look at my website security tutorial I did.


  1. Chris says

    Hey Bill,

    I found you via youtube and that the FCS training you have is the 2nd part, but you do not have the 1st uploaded on youtube. I know this is probably because of your recent happenings with youtube, but its also nowhere on your site. Could you please upload this for those of us wondering. It seems to me to (someone just starting off in IM and trying to build banklinks) that its best to start building my Tiered links with FCS opposed to using GSA to make the 2.0 sites and using that to build the tiers. I am just not really sure what all i need to get started. I really loved your GSA videos as they state what we need to get started etc. If this is not necessary with FCS could you perhaps explain to my why it isn’t?

    • Bill says

      The FCS videos are the next ones I will be remaking. The one I have up is from November so its a bit out of date. You can use FCS to build a few tiers of 2.0 sites, however without GSA to build backlinks to them, they will not have much if any power to rank your site. You will likely still need some PBN domains to help rank these. I expect to have my FCS videos finished sometime the week of the 17th. Thanks for watching my other videos.

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