Website Security

Better WP Security:

Better wp security lockA little bit of website security goes a long ways.  Most of the internet marketers I know only know basic html code and could only code horrible websites on their own.  Because of this, and the amazing amount of themes and plugins we can use with WordPress,many of us have not had a reason to learn anything past that basic html code.  The problem is that is simply not that secure by itself.  Several people in Skype groups I belong to have had major issues with sites being hacked.

If your site is hacked, you will likely spend hours trying to get it to where it was before it was hacked, and you will spend more time wondering if there is still a backdoor open to your site, or if you have it cleaned out.  Whats worse, is there are many ways for your site to be hacked.  Out of date themes, plugins or even WordPress software are just a few of the ways.  The sad part is for the most part this can all be prevented fairly easily and with only a little bit of time per site.

The plugin Better WP Security is by no means the silver bullet that will stop all hack attempts, but if used and properly set up, it should greatly reduce the chances of your WordPress website becoming hacked.  Again, this does need to be properly set up to be effective.  Once it is set up, it should block most bot hack attempts, however it will not stop someone who wants to get into your website.  The good news is, unless you give someone a good reason to hack your site, it will usually not be worth it for them to spend any amount of time trying to hack it, and the majority of the bots will be blocked from your site.

Check out this video I did on how to set up Better WP Security on your site to protect it.