First Post on My New Website – Trouble With YouTube

So I think for my first post on my new site its best to talk about what pushed me to start this site.  I had planned to wait until around April when the new year had settled down a bit.  I also wanted a little bit more time to write up some articles ahead of time.  Recent events with YouTube has forced me to speed up my plans greatly.  On the 19th of January in the middle of the afternoon I got a notice letting me know that several of my videos had been flagged.  I thought it was a hoax, but soon I realized it was not and began to panic.

actual email I received from youtube

I was not super happy to get this message.  Frantically I looked for the community guidelines and when I found them saw no reason why they should have been flagged.  Given that I knew they were fine, I appealed them.  All four videos were on GSA.  You can imagine the frustration because of the generic email, I have no idea why this happened. Was it flagged by a vengeful competitor? Could YouTube’s parent company have just decided that videos promoting software that spams the internet is now a bad thing?  I also heard from a few people that a bunch of other GSA videos were taken down and it sounds like a few channels even were closed.

The day after I appealed I got an email from YouTube letting me know they had rejected my appeal for all 4 videos.  I felt devastated.  I checked my video list and they had the audacity to delete those four videos.  That’s right, I cannot even download MY videos.

reply from youtube when I appealed the false flagging of my videos

So at this time I still have no idea why the videos were flagged, or by who.  It is clearly a broken system that people on YouTube have been complaining about for months about the flagging and appeal system.  When I did appeal my videos I was presented with a 100 character maximum to why I feel the videos are not in violation… a violation they never told me.  This was absolutely insulting, even Twitter gives me more characters to get my message out.  They then send me an email the next day telling me the videos were reviewed, really?  With as many videos as there are that are likely getting flagged its unbelievable that they would have the man power to review the videos, let alone the balls to claim this.

The other bad part is that by losing my appeal I lose the ability to appeal any other flags for the next 90 days.  Given I have no idea why they were flagged uploading future videos could get me another strike on my account.  In the short time I have been on YouTube I have managed to build a decent following.  I have done everything extremely white hat, not a single link has been built to my videos to get them to rank, not a single view or like was bought.  I have just hit 64 subscribers in under three months just based on people finding and enjoying my videos.  I would like to think that means the content on the videos has been good.  I want to post what happened to the views on my channel since the four videos were taken down.

my youtube analytics information showing how many views I lost when the videos were deleted

It is clear that the majority of the people watching videos on my channel like the GSA videos.  I am grateful for the audience that I have now.  I don’t plan to let them down by letting Google or YouTube or some other idiot who flagged my videos win.  In defiance to the system I have begun writing the scripts I need to remake the videos.  This was my plan all along, but now I have more focus and drive as put things in high gear.  I have amazing new software that I am still learning that will let me make much better quality videos.  I’m going to split them up into smaller videos, much easier to handle than the 90 minute monster I had before.  I will release a 30-45 second video trailer on YouTube to let people know I have a new video up.  The video will be embedded on my site and hosted somewhere other than YouTube, so now they cannot shut me down.

I want to be in control of the content I provide, not them.  I think if somehow my videos are flagged in the future it will be much easier to appeal them because a 30 or 45 second video has a much greater chance of being reviewed by a person than the longer ones.  I do plan to remake every video I’ve done using the higher quality software, and eventually they will all be available through a player embedded on my site.

I would like to have more interaction with my viewers, and I would like to have it on my YouTube channel, but I realize this may not be possible.  I would like to keep growing in subscribers so that my videos can reach as many people as possible.  Without me putting my full videos on the site I may have difficulty attracting new subscribers in the coming months, but new videos will be coming out.  All of my content is available for free, so if you do enjoy it, and it does help you, all I ask is that you go back to my channel and like my videos and consider leaving a comment.  The more social interaction I can get on my videos the more likely my videos are to be watched by others.

I encourage feedback from anyone.  If there is something you do or do not like about my videos, please let me know.  I’m also interested in other videos you do want to see.  I plan to release the videos as quickly as I can, but I do have a lot going on right now, and now that I am going to be trying to manage this site on top of everything else… things will get crazy for me for a while until I can get some of my projects wrapped up.

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  1. Phu says

    Hi Bill!

    Firstly, I’d like to wish you the best for your new site, it’s encouraging to know of a person like you who gives good solid advice with integrity intact.

    Of course we look forward to updates, videos and your seo guide/articles in the short coming days months ahead. It has been good to discover you from youtube.

    Your story bares resemblance to mine how it all started.

    May the best year be 2014!

    • Bill says

      Thank you for your great comments. I’m working on getting the best content I can and making it all free to the readers of this site. Well since our stories start the same, hopefully they finish the same with much success. 🙂

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