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sorryFirst off major apologies for my long absence.  I recently got over a massive headache that lasted nearly a month and my doctor advised me to scale back my time in front of a computer screen to only what was absolutely necessary to get my work done.  Because of that I neglected this site.

Now my headache is gone (still not clear what the cause was) and I’m ready to start adding content again. So in the last article I wrote about tools you can use to cut down on your work load and be just as productive with less time.  This one will be about different services you can use do get different SEO tasks done by other people for as cheaply as possible.  Obviously there is more to this, but I’m going to try and stay specific to SEO related things.

The first thing is big, content.  Content is always a pain, and anyone that is trying to promote stuff on the internet knows, you NEED content.  You can’t just get any content.  The stuff you want on your site needs to be original content that is free from most spelling and grammatical errors.  Nothing I hate more than trying to find writers for my content.  This “content” below is something from a job I just posted this week.  This is from a 4.5 star (out of 5) writer.

this is what you get from crappy writers on the internet.articlesThe job was specific in that it was for people that can write on intermediate to advanced SEO, and ABSOLUTELY NO SPUN CONTENT.  To put it mildly getting this really ticked me off.  Enough so that I finally broke down and decided to take my own advice and find a service that I can use to save me this headache.  Now anyone that knows me in person knows just how cheap I am.  The service not only has to be good, but cheap too.  This is when a friend suggested www.qualitywritingsolutions.com I’m not a huge fan of the way the site is laid out, but it was easy to find out their pricing and lists exactly what I was getting.

I decided to give them a shot.  In just under 48 hours I had my articles back.  Considering they said their average turn around is 72 hours I was happy getting them in early.  Much better quality than the crap the first guy tried to pass off to me.

So content is the big one, what else can we hire out to other people or websites?  Link building is a good one.  Lots of people make 2.0 sites to help diversify their backlink profile to their money site, but you can also give these sites some link juice power by linking to them.  For 30$ I will scrape a bunch of content and use software to create 100k links to your 2.0 sites.  If used on 10 or so sites it can provide a decent SEO boost to your money site.  Because of negative SEO concerns I refuse to do this to anyone’s money site, as I will not be responsible for destroying anyone’s site.

fiverr $5If you are doing local SEO you can use Fiverr to hire people to create citation’s for you.  Citations are the name, address and phone number of your site.  It is the modern equivalent of the yellow pages.  These links help diversify your backlink profile, and these links like the 2.0’s can be hit with link blasts to give extra SEO power.  Most Fiverr gigs will run you $5, but depending on some extra’s you might want it could cost you $10-$15.

Not only is Fiverr great for citations, but you can find voice actors or even spokes people that will make videos for you or your site.  I do need to say that even though these are on Fiverr, the vast majority of the gigs will run you well over $5.  I was just looking into a spokes person to do videos for one of my sites, and its $5 for the first 30 words, $5 for each 30 words past it, if you want the resolution to not suck, add $20.  If you want it filmed somewhere professional, and not in what looks like someones house, add $20.  If you want them to dress a specific way, add $20.  By the time you are done you are in for $130 for a video.

The voice over people are not nearly as bad.  They do charge you based on the amount of words, but because it is audio there is not nearly the amount of ways to price gouge you.  I hate hiring voice actors, but I know that I don’t sound anywhere near as nice on the ears as many of them do, so its worth the price in the end.  Just make sure you have a script written ahead of time.  The last thing you want to do is have the voice actor do their part and change things and need to rehire them. I have a few more things that I’ll cover in the next posting.  Love to know what your thoughts are on the tools and services I’ve written up so far.

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