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Chrome to Phone

This week I wanted to talk a little more about browser extensions.  Browser extensions are great because they can do so many helpful things.  The two that I’m going to talk about this week are two of my long time favorites.

The first one is Chrome to Phone.  This one lets me send urls to my Android phone so that I can read them when I’m on the go.  Often when I’m out I have some down time (maybe only a few minutes) and I think about how I could be more productive.  All I need to do is pull out my phone and open the Chrome to Phone app and load up any of the url’s I sent to my phone.  Check it out in the video below.


OneTabThe next browser extension is called OneTab.  What this amazing app lets you do is reduce the amount of tabs you have open without closing them.  Anyone that has seen my computer can attest that I have +20 tabs open at any given time… like right now as I write this.  Every so often I’ll have some some other programs running and the computer might start to run a bit slow.  By using OneTab it lets me minimize all of the tabs into 1 tab, and I can open them all at once, or just as I need them.  Check it out in the video below.

Also, just so you don’t think I was lazy and took the week off, I did complete part two of my PBN tutorial.  This should answer most of the questions people have about PBN’s.  Happy reading!

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