I hired Bill Angelos to setup one of my GSA servers to be able to build mass links for mostly tier 2 type properties. After he worked his magic for an hour or two, my GSA now runs at 96LPM and does about 20k verified links per day pretty easily.

I would recommend him to anyone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of GSA but wants to start using it effectively for link building purposes. Let Bill set it up and you won’t be disappointed.

My GSA runs 10x faster now!

I had a pretty big list of verified domains already but I couldn’t seem to get more than 1000-2000 verified links per day. I was reffered to Bill by a friend of mine and after just a couple of hours he had my GSA building 15000-20000 links per day and its been running non stop for a while now, still going strong.

It would have taken me weeks of reading forums and learning before I would be able to configure the settings properly the way he did which is why it was such a great investment having him do it for me. Thank again Bill.

Adrian George