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SpyBar is a great browser plugin that will make seeing what your competitors are doing much easierI’ve been promoting a product called Spybar, it is an amazing extension for your browser (chrome or firefox) that I use every day.  Yesterday my browser crashed (yay google) and upon restart I was told that they had disabled all extensions that were not in the chrome store.  I could not even enable it because of this.

I contacted the developer and there is a workaround for the time being.  Remove the extension from your browser (but keep this page open), go to the Spybar website and download the extension again.  Once its downloaded, drag the file onto the extensions page on your browser to install it.  If its like mine it will still say “not from chrome web store”, however it should be enabled.

Rob has told me he is working on a more permanent fix, and once I find out about it I will update this blog post.  I’m just as pissed off about this as anyone else.  I really hate firefox, but I use Spybar many many times each day.  It is such a time saver that if it came down to it I would dump chrome to keep it.

Just a side note to everyone, if I promote a product it is because I believe in it and use it, and I will offer as much support or help as I can if I promote it.  If you ever have any issues with anything I’m promoting I want to know so I can help get it resolved, or stop promoting it if the problem is big enough.


  1. says

    Hey Bill, I like your videos and your share of SEO here and YT.

    That is a good tool to have but aren’t you opening up to Google while using Chrome.
    Do you use Firefox? Isn’t Firefox better in this case than Chrome.
    I use adblock plus with Firefox that can stop most trackers etc.

    What’s you take on Firefox and is there a tool that does similar thing to Spybar?


    • Bill says

      Spybar is available on firefox and chrome. 🙂

      Yes, you could be, but I really don’t think that unless you are doing super black hat stuff you have anything to worry about. They’re after people who have +100 site PBN’s, or doing massive webspam to rank. They’re not after small fry’s like most of the people that this site caters to. Not saying you are not making a good living, I’m saying that on the level we’re operating at is like grade school to the people they’re really after.

      I don’t like firefox just because I’m not used to it. I’m sure it works fine and if you felt more comfortable using it I’d say use it. If Google keeps jacking up their stuff like they have been it might not be too long before I make the switch myself.

  2. says

    Hey Bill, any word from Rob on fixing spybar? I’ve been fixing it by uninstalling and reinstalling it, but even that has stopped working today and now it will install but no matter what you do you can’t enable it. I’m like you, I use firefox for dev tools but most of my browsing is in chrome and I really miss having spybar handy.

    • Bill says

      I posted a workaround that has worked for me. Rob said he was putting it in the chrome store, and that should have fixed the problem Google had with it. I suggest deleting the one you have on your browser and downloading the app from his site again and setting it up. I have not had any issue in the last week now. Its been working flawlessly for me on Chrome. If you have any more issues (as in what I suggested does not work) you should email Rob. He has been extremely quick at getting back to me when I’ve emailed him about this in the past.

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