How many times have you wanted to see what the difference is between your competitors on the first page and your site?  Have you ever wanted to quickly see what your competition is using to rank their site?  I think you know where I’m going with this.  You can do this quickly and easily.

The SpyBar plugin is a great browser plugin that is not only inexpensive but works on a PC or Mac in Chrome or Firefox.  This plugin is the forbidden fruit that you never hear about because it is just too powerful.  I’m pulling this secret out of the bag and sharing it with everyone because it is too much of a time saver not to share.  Not only does this tool have the power of 8 other tools, it will tell you what theme or plugins all of your competitors use.  Have you ever seen a really stunning site and wondered what they were using?  Now you can with literally 1 click of the mouse!

We all know there is never enough time in the world, so any tool we can use to save us time is worth its weight in gold.  Being able to check the best links or plugins of a competitor in seconds will make this plugin worth it by itself.  The time it saves you will make this your go to tool every day of the week.  I bought this tool the week it came out and I still use it far more than any other tool I’ve gotten before or since!

As an internet marketer, this is a tool I simply cannot live without.  If you’ve ever watched any of my videos you will see it is a plugin I’ve used for ages.  I think after watching the video you will agree that you need this plugin!  Click the button below and start saving a lot of time while stealing your competitors links and best plugins!

red arrows pointing down showing you where to click

SpyBar is a great browser plugin that will make seeing what your competitors are doing much easier