SEOQuake LogoHave you ever wanted a free website evaluation?  Between SEOQuake and the plugin I recommended last week you have most of what you need to give you the same type of website evaluation that most SEO pro’s would charge you $50, $100 or even $200 for.  Like the popular meme says “Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Once you have the plugin installed and enabled look for the word “Diagnosis” near the right of the tool bar.  example of where you can find diagnosisOnce you’ve found it click on it for your on page SEO report.  It will open a new tab in your browser and let you know what you are doing right and wrong on your site for your on page SEO.  It is a great time saving tool that most people that do website evaluations use.  The best part is you can use this on any website, especially your competitors.  I like to use a phrase I’ve heard a few times, match them with on page SEO, CRUSH them with your off page.

For your money (it’s FREE) you cannot find a better way to analyze your website to see what you are doing right and wrong.  It might not give you the easiest ways to take action, but it really points you in the right direction to ask the right questions.  So if you see that something is red X’d you can click the “Show Advice” for the problem area.  If you still don’t understand it you can  Google it and find out what you can do about it.

Some of the limitations is it has a hard time detecting Google Analytic’s, so it will often falsely X it.  Also because the Meta Keywords has next to no positive benefits to your site most people now leave that blank.  They do this because while it might slightly help (Google even says it does not) you are telling your competitors exactly what you are trying to rank for.  So if you go over to your competitors page and see they have theirs filled in, take note, because they might have a few you are not aware of.

This plugin works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, so odds are it will work for you, and if it doesn’t maybe its time to dump Internet Explorer, there is a reason why it has become a second or third rate browser in the last few years.  One last thing, if you are not actively using SEOQuake you should disable it.  The amount of data it scrapes when you do a search can quickly burn out your IP address in Google, and if you don’t know what that means, you will when it happens.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to SEOQuake and get your free browser plugin, it will make your online SEO much easier.  Still not convinced?  Watch my video tutorial on SEOQuake.

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