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solar_roadway_indiegogo_donationI try to keep everything here as close to internet marketing and SEO as I can, however I recently came across an Indiegogo project that I really think deserves everyone’s attention.  This is one of the really revolutionary technologies that can change EVERYTHING in our lifetime. The project’s goal is to repave the roads with solar panels.  What this could do for the world is almost too incredible to describe.  We have the potential to move away from coal and nuclear power for most of our power needs is the main thing.  Road conditions could be updated in real time on the road. If you hate construction season as much as I do, having construction workers close off lanes of traffic 2-3 weeks before they do ANY work would be a thing of the past.  Road maintenance would be as simple as changing out an individual hexagon piece with a new one.  Repair work could be done in minutes to hours rather than weeks to months. The roads could be fitted with wifi so no matter where you are in the middle of no where, you could have internet. 1 million dollars - dr evilThe technology is so amazing there are likely ideas that we have not even come up with all that could be possible for it yet.  They are trying to raise 1 million dollars to fund their latest round of testing.  I really want to help them reach their goal so I have also donated to them, and shared their Indiegogo with everyone on my facebook feed. I am really hoping we can help them blow far beyond their 1 million dollar goal, so please share their link, tell your friends, donate or help out any way you can.  Please visit their Indiegogo page and donate whatever amount you feel comfortable donating to help this amazing technology become a reality.

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