Recently In The News Feb 10th 2014

Google recently announced that they would be kicking tool bars out of its Chrome web store.  As many people are aware the overwhelming majority of these tool bars are trash and do nothing to add to a users internet experience.  Because of that Google is giving developers until summer to clean up their tool bars to give them more of a purpose.  Any new tool bars will need to meet these new rules as of Google’s announcement.

Given I have seen row upon row of these intrusive and pointless tool bars on family and friends computers I think that this is a good start.  It is important to know that this will only effect the Google Chrome store.  People that install free software on their computer will still have to be aware of what they are installing on their system and may still end up dealing with this garbage.  Given the industry trends I think that Google will take actions to make it harder to “accidentally” have these junk tool bars installed on peoples computers soon.  [read more]

Microsoft recently reported that Bing is no longer just a bottomless money pit, this comes after years of pouring millions of dollars into a hole to plug it.  Now that they are close to breaking even on a quarter to quarter basis they can start working on improving the user experience and getting better search results.  Bing is reported to be at around 18% of the total search market with Google in the upper mid 60’s.

This will be good for the long term of internet marketing as it means that Google will not have all of the power.  I think overtime that Bing will be able to wrestle back even more of the search market, possibly dropping Google into the upper 50% range of the total search market.  I don’t think this will hurt Google all that much because the search market is growing with more people doing searches every year.  [read more]

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