PBNs Part2

In part 1 I talked about different metrics that are important, and anchor links, and how you can check to make sure the domain is good quality and not a spammed out payday loan site.  In part 2 I want to go over how to set up an effective PBN that will pass good link juice to your money sites.  I want to go over things like content, hosting, and maintaining the metrics of the domain.


Content is KingContent is by far one of the most important things after you have the metrics covered.  As Google has said, content is king.  You want your PBN site to have content of the niche you are trying to promote.  Quite often this is not going to be possible based on what the site was before.  If the site is named carls-tax-service.com and you want to promote the niche elevator service you will have a bit of mental gymnastics to make it work as it is.

So the best thing you can do is take a site and keep it the same niche as it was but make it match what you are trying to promote.  Again this will not happen most of the time because the amount of domains that will be available and high quality will be rare already.  Factor in other SEO’s fighting for the domains and they’ll be hard to find or expensive if you can find them.  What I like to do is re-purpose the sites into what my niche is.  Clearly carls-tax-service.com is going to not match for your plumber site, but it is important to remember, you are not building these sites for real people to read, you are only using them for helping your site rank.

Now, if you can use the site to drive traffic to yours that is even better, but most of us will just be happy with the boost in SERP’s.  You will want to make sure the content you have on your PBN is tier 1 quality, meaning that it is 100% English for your local area.  If you are promoting things in America, use American English vs UK English, and yes there is a difference.  I like to find articles online and run them through a spinner.

I spin the articles and spend 20 minutes on each one making sure that I can use them a few dozen times and they’ll be unique every time, and yet still 100% natural English.  I never expect anyone to ever visit my sites, however if they do, I want the sites to have the possibility to drive traffic to my site, and I want them to pass over a review of someone so that they don’t just think it is a PBN and report the site for selling links or whatever.  It really is worth your time to put the time into these sites to make them pretty and have the tier 1 quality content they deserve.  This is your tier 1 after all, and the closer to your money site, the better the quality you want the sites linking to you.

So after you get a hand full of articles, say 5-6 that are all well spun, go ahead and put them on your PBN.  You will want to make sure at this point that you have removed the dates of your postings and disable comments.  This makes it so that no one knows when the articles were put online, and you never have spam bots trying to comment spam your posts.  In these first 5-6 articles, make sure you put some pictures in them, and 1 or 2 or more YouTube videos between them.  If you are going to link out, make sure you are only linking to authority sites in your niche that you do not compete with.  If you are going to have the niche real estate and Zillow is is going to be one of your competitors, don’t link to them.  If you can find others that are not direct competitors though it is in your best interest to link to them.  You can always do Wikipedia and YouTube, but everyone does that, and it is always best to link to as many niche related authority sites as you can.  Even an article on Yahoo or other news site is good.

After you have your PBN site established as the niche you are wanting to promote, then go ahead and post articles with links to your money site.  You need to remember a few key things.  You can’t have 100% of the links going to the same root url, you should link to your inner pages too, and make sure you keep linking to authority sites.  The internet is the world wide web, meaning it is natural for sites to link to multiple sites.  What is not natural is for sites to be a funnel and lead to a dead end.  Dead ends on the internet are footprints.

One final thought about content is to keep everything focused as much as you can on one niche, or 2-3 very similar niches.  If you have a post on cars, and another for plumbing and another on jewelry, your site becomes a “variety” site and you lose relevance.  Once you lose that the links from your PBN get devalued.  It is something I experienced before.  So as tempting as it is to link exchange with others, if its not the same or very closely related niche, I would avoid it.


web hostingIn spring of 2013 you could get 1 host for all of your PBN’s and easily manage everything from 1 place.  By fall of 2013 Google caught on to things and simply having a unique IP for each PBN site was no longer enough.  Now if you have more than 2 or at most 3 PBN’s on the same host, you will experience diminishing returns at best, or an algorithm penalty at worst.  So with diminishing returns you will find that with additional links from additional sites you will not improve in the SERPs.  With the algorithm penalty you are looking at hurting your rankings by having too many sites hosted on the same host, again even if on different IP’s.

There are a good amount of discount hosting sites out there that for $1 or $2 a month will host your sites.  They are not the best quality, and they’re not fast at all, but who cares as long as they let spyders crawl your site?  You want the Google bot to crawl your sites to pass the link juice, that is the main focus.

Maintaining Metrics

We love metricsOver time even the best PBN will lose its metrics.  Sites that link to it will eventually realize that the site has changed and may kill some or all of the links to it.  The longer you own the site, the greater the likely-hood that the sites linking to yours will simply close up, and all of the links will vanish over time.  Another thing that might explain a drop is older links might not count as strongly as newer links.  As this happens the PA/DA, TF and even PR could drop.  There are ways to combat this, and one of the easiest ways is with 2.0 sites.

Using 2.0 sites like WordPress or Tumblr you can link to your PBN’s building fresh new links.  After you get some link juice built up on these 2.0’s with tools like GSA they should be able to effectively maintain if not grow the metrics on your domain.  The best thing is that you do not need to add many of these sites to keep the metrics up.  Just 1 or 2 a month should easily be able to keep the metrics of your PBN at least at what it was when you bought it.

Another technique that an SEO friend of mine came up with, Forrest Perry, is to use other PBN’s.  He built links from tier 2 PBN’s to tier 1 PBN’s.  I think at the time he had a reseller account on a a host and wanted to avoid any sort of diminishing returns or penalty from having them all link to his money site from the same host.  From what he told me it was an effective and inexpensive way to use a bunch of PBN’s he had already without incurring a penalty.

Well that is the end of part 2.  I have at least 1 more part I need to do, because PBN’s is such a big topic that I just could not cover it all in 2 parts.  I’ll put up a link for part 3 when I have it all finished.

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