Recently In The News Feb 17th 2014

For the news this week we take a look at the internet and how Bitcoin may be changing it.  For those that do not know Bitcoin is an entirely digital currency.  Its value has greatly increased over the last few years and it is projected to keep going up in value.  The good news is that a Bitcoin is a lot like a dollar, where it can be broken up into smaller parts.  So something could be bought with 1 10 millionth of a Bitcoin.  That is the smallest you can break it down.

So the people behind the Bitcoin are looking at how they can take all the encryption and privacy they have built into their all digital currency and reshape a new version of the internet around that.  Most ideas like this never get off the ground, but this one as a little better than average chance.  The developers have devised a way to pay people that participate in helping this work.  It is still a long ways from becoming a reality, but it is something to watch for.

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