Never Enough Time – And What You Can Do About It

never enough timeI’ll be the first to admit that keeping up this blog is a pain.  I work 10-12 hours a day, 7 day days a week and I never seem to run out of work to do.  Recently I was thinking how I could make more time, and I thought this would make for a great article that others could use.

The great thing about doing SEO is that there is a ton of different tools you can use to save yourself a ton of time.  The amount of tools that are out there are really insane.  I use tools to create emails, build links, check index status of sites, sort domains by quality, and I’m looking at another for repricing products I sell on Amazon so that I spend less time manually doing it.

Many times you can just find these different tools by doing searches.  As I’ve gone over in tutorials and posts some of the many tools an SEO is going to use are GSA, FCS, Majestic, Scrapebox.  My problem is that I’m already using these, and the time it takes me to sort through the 6 million domains I have to sort through every day was just taking up too much of my time.

tools can really save you a ton of timeThis has actually been something I’ve been complaining about for some time.  There is no commercial product available to help me.  After talking about this with Jason, (he runs an information packed though seldom updated blog that you should check out) we decided the best way to go about creating more time would be to have a tool built.

Clearly just creating extra time is out of the question, so right now this is my only option.  There are some days where I spend up to 5 hours just going through domains to find the best ones to resell to others.  If I had this tool created for me I could save about 8-12 hours each week.  I’ve just created a full days worth of time for myself with this 1 tool.

So now I could pretty much work 8 days a week with the time I’ve save, or hopefully find a way to manage things better and start building more time off in my week (after everything I’m behind on is caught up).

dont make a pricey mistake when you buy your expensive internet marketing toolsNow tools can be pricey, and finding the right ones can be difficult some times.  Most of the time the ones built for the masses will be cheaper, but might not always do everything you want.  Even worse this tool that may not do everything you want may have a monthly cost.  The nice thing about having a tool created for you is that you ensure it does EXACTLY what you want.

So not only can the tool save me a bunch of time, it may even replace some other tools that I use and have paid money for, to find me even more better quality domains.  Now I’m saving time, and increasing my available product.  I think that is worth sinking a few hundred dollars into.

In next weeks article I’ll continue this idea on saving time with services.


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