So much going on this week

SorrySorry for the late post this week.  I’ve been busy doing a ton of stuff this week.  I just got a new toy that I think could really drive a lot of traffic to websites by providing quality content that people interested in your site would be interested in, and I use it to drive them to your site.  I’m still testing things out to make sure that it will all work smoothly before I offer this as a service.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, and want to help me test it out, I just need a few things from you.  First I need the url of 3 recently published articles in your niche.  You don’t need to have written them, they just have to be recent, and related to your money site.  Next I need your money site url.  Where do you want the traffic to go?  Is it the main page or a landing page that you have or will set up for this test?  Last, after the test is over I’d like you to share your analytic data with me.  How much traffic did you get, what was the bounce, page views per visit, time on site, and did any convert?

Again I’m not charging for this because you will be paying me by telling me how good the traffic was, and if it would be worth it for you to buy traffic like this in the future.  So jump on this while you can, I am only taking the first few people that take me up on this as there is some set up that is required on my end.  To take advantage of the free traffic send me all the info I asked for in the contact page.

TwitterThe one bit of real news I wanted to share with people is related to all the retailer accounts that have had security breaches recently.  It is interesting to note how often this is happening, and how much more its been happening than before.  The reason why this makes them money is the sheer number of credit cards that they get access to in a short amount of time.

Once the breach is discovered, most credit cards are quickly closed and new cards are issued.  So the very first days the breach takes place the credit cards can be worth over $100.  After just days of the breach being announced they can drop to below $1.

So we all know that it hurts to get your credit card information stolen, but did you know that many hackers now don’t care about your credit card number?  There is something else out there that most of you will have now, and did not pay anything for that hackers are paying up to several hundred dollars for.  Your Twitter account.

According to an article I recently read, your Twitter account could be worth $16 on the low end and over $300 on the high end.  A lot has to do with how many followers you have, because they’re going to use it to spam all your followers to try to make money.  It was a pretty eye opening article that I think everyone needs to read.  Social media hacking could be the new way to steal your identity in the future, and the only way to defend yourself is to learn about it so you can protect yourself.

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