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majestic seo logoMajesticSEO is a service that lets you see who is linking to you. It gives you a lot of great information for free, and if you sign up for a free account they will let you look at up to 10 different websites each day. That should be plenty to get a feel for how far behind or ahead of your compitition you are. It also lets you check out things like your anchor text percents. This will be one of the first tutorials I do, look for it near the end of February.

If you build it they will come, that sounds great, it makes for a great 80’s movie but its just not going to happen online. The online world is putting old directory listing such as the yellow pages out of business. Just because your business is on the internet does not mean anyone knows or cares.

If you invest a lot of money into having a great website designed, you should also invest a little more into bringing attention to your site so that it can be found. Before I start talking about this, I want to go over some important things that many people do not know. The internet you know and love makes up only a very small portion of the entire internet. The internet you use every day is known as the surface web. Now the last time any real study on this was done was in 2001 using data from March of 2000. This was back when they figured there was only about 3 million websites on the internet.

The study suggested that the surface web only made up a very small part of the entire internet, and that the “deep web” as it is often called made up 400-500 times the total pages that the surface web contained. So when you think of the cpu power that Google has invested into crawling and indexing all the internet most of us use there is an insane amount of it out there. According to there are now almost a billion websites out there. Given the state of the internet and how it has grown in the nearly 14 years it is safe to say that 400-500 times as large would be the minimum size we would expect. I heard one expert say the other day they think the surface web is only .02% of the entire internet at this point.

OK, so now that the lesson on the internet is out of the way, you can see that Google and the other search engines have a mountain of data to sort through file and index. So if your site is not one of the indexed its on the deep web. If you have not been doing anything to promote the site to get it ranked it may as well be on the deep web. Your competitors are doing things to promote your business so why aren’t you? About 8 months ago a family member asked me to look at one of their friends websites. It was a pool website, and I had some good ideas and want to help them, but they had invested nothing into marketing their site. There was not even a single backlink built to it. I just checked, and still nothing.

As many people know the currency of the internet is links. The more links you have to your site from quality sources, the better your website is likely to do. They had an aged site, a few years old, and it had even had a few updates over the years to change the look, but not a single backlink to their site EVER! Funny though it is a Page Rank (PR) 2 domain, so you can get an idea of what a joke PR has become over the last year.

One tool that I always think website owners need to buy is a browser plugin. Its called SpyBar and it really lets you get a feel for how your site is doing on the back end verses what your competition has. I don’t want to talk too much about it here, but if you click the link I do a write up on how great it is for such an inexpensive tool. One of the easiest ways to see how your site compares to the rest is to put your site in MajesticSEO, now put in a few of your competitors and see how they are. I must say that the amount of links are not everything, and that quality is ALWAYS better than quantity.

With some of the free information you can get from MajesticSEO, you can see where some of your competitors best links are coming from. So if you can match their on page SEO, and you can find a way to get links to your site from all of your competitors best links, you can CRUSH them with off page SEO. If you can do that there is no reason you cannot be at the top of page one. Clearly there is a lot more to SEO than this, and its going to be an ongoing thing that I will post about often as I explore all things SEO.

Thanks for reading. My site is going to be geared towards helping the small business owners who do their own SEO, or as its also known as, internet marketing. I realize that the subject is huge, and there is a lot to learn, and that can be difficult to try to learn and master while you try to run a successful business. So if you are a small business owner and you have some questions you would like to ask I encourage you to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions in a future posting.  Click the link below to sign up for your free MajesticSEO account.


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