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OK, so I’ve been working on my quarterly taxes for most of this week, so I really have not had the time to do an update.  I have tons I want to talk about soon, but for this week you only get a life hack to possibly make your SEO easier.  Blame Uncle Sam if you hate quick updates.

OK, so with outlook accounts being a lot harder to get now, it can be a pain to have to make new emails.  What most people don’t know is that Gmail can be managed in such a way to be many different email accounts.  I’m going to make up an example.  Lets say my email was (its not by the way). would be my main email and everything I wanted would be there.

Now lets say I needed to use a new email to sign up for something I was already signed up for, and for whatever reason could not or did not want to make a new email.  Gmail lets you put a period in the part before the @ and ignores it.  The place you signed up at thinks that is a brand new email, but Gmail does not, and anything sent to will be available to you in your email.

So, this is a short email.  You could still come up with several different emails though, demo, d.emo,, dem.o.  That is 4 emails all from the 1 you already have.  As you can see, the longer your email name, the more times you can use it to sign up for services.  Maybe you want a 2nd free majestic account, or are signing up for a ton of 2.0’s that you need to create by hand?

The things you can do with this could really save you time, and go beyond what I’ve mentioned here.  Think outside the box and post what you could use your new multiple gmail accounts for.


  1. Brian Berrios says

    What a great hack. I been trying hard to create web 2 using unique emails. Is it necessary to have web 2.0 with unique emails. Does google penalize you if you use the same email in your opinion?


    • Bill says

      Google does not penalize you, often they won’t know what the email is you used to sign up. The 2.0 will however keep you from creating new accounts. They tend to flag accounts based on IP and email used. So if you had a nice long email you could use it 12-15 times to create new 2.0 sites before needing to create a new one. I think this only works with Gmail, but I’m not 100% sure as I’ve never tested it with the others.

      • Brian Berrios says

        Thanks for replying, I will give it a try I actually have a very long email I created not to long ago with google. This info is very valuable to my group. Thanks a lot.

  2. Shay says

    OMG, Bill this is amazing discovery!
    I just tested this and it works.

    Will come very handy when creating accounts.
    BTW, do you where do you recommend buying gmail verified accounts?

    • Bill says

      You should be able to buy them on fairly cheap. I have not had much use for bulk gmail accounts, but I figured that others can use it. I know that I have some old gmail accounts from years ago before there was any verification required. So I have enough where I can just use those without needing to get more. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad I was able to help you out.

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