Keeping Your Site Running as Quickly as You Can

No one wants a slow websiteI’ve been reading some SEO forums of people wanting to improve their money sites, not just in rank, but converting its traffic.  One of the main things many website owners overlook is site speed, because of that I’ll be going over how to optimize your website and possibly shave seconds off your load times.  We all know that slow sites frustrate us, but there are studies you can find out there that show that slow sites lead to higher bounce rates, and lower conversions.

I’m going to assume that most people are using WordPress just because it is easy. Even if you are not using WordPress you will be able to use most of what I have to say, and will likely find it easier to do the tips that I offer that are not related to WordPress.

Wordpress PluginsPlugins are killing WordPress sites. First off, if you don’t use it, delete it. You don’t want your websites resources going to plugins that you are not using. Next, if you are using the plugin, make sure you keep them up to date. You want the bug fixes, you also hope they reduce the bloat and make it faster. At the very least it should make your site more secure in the long term.

WordPress and Themes. For the same reason you want to update the plugins you want to update WordPress and our theme.  Security is the main reason. Who wants to spend days or weeks fixing what a hacker did? Often the newer version of WordPress or your theme will be faster or more stable than the earlier version.

With themes you want to use a theme that does what you want it to do without hacking it or editing it. A theme that does what it needs to do should be faster than forcing one to work in a way it was not designed to.

Something most people overlook is their host. Most people go with a cheap host and only focus on the cost, and not anything
else. Better hosts will cost more, but you can usually depend on them for better security on their servers as well as being
considerablly faster than discount hosts.

W3 Cache is a great tool to optimize your site and reduce load time. The problem with W3 Cache is that it is another plugin.  There are other ways to do what W3 Cache does without using a plugin. It becomes an issue of cost vs hiring a developer that can optimize how your site is now, and in the future. If you are on the cheap and have never used anything similar to W3 Cache you should use it to speed things up.

There are other tools you can use to optimize your graphics. Images should be high quality, and the right size for your site. Unless you run a photo blog where you are showing off your skills, you will want smaller sized images, in both visual size and file size. Most images on the web are around the 100kb mark. If the images on your site are far larger, or well above the 1mb size mark you will want to find some image tools to optimize your graphics. This can really increase site time by having huge file size images load up.

Spyder SpankerThe last thing is how you manage the traffic to your site. Spyder Spanker is an easy way, but as you already know, it is a plugin, and it is going to add some bloat to your site. It an easy to use way to block people or unwanted crawlers from your sites. If you know what you are doing you can do all of this without using a plugin if you edit your .htaccess file. Before I go any further editing this file the wrong way could kill your site (so back up everything BEFORE YOU TOUCH IT). The information you need to edit this file is easily found in several places. It is a great way to reduce bounce rates by blocking crawlers that visit and bounce 100% of the time. Semalt is the crawler that comes to mind.

Also regarding the post I am working on where a company has made their PBN public, I am still working on digging up some info for that post.  Sorry I couldn’t get it done for this months post.

So what do you think? Does this help? Can you think of something I missed? Let me know if I missed anything obvious in the comments below and help out the other readers of this site.

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