An introduction to private blog networks

Blog NetworkIn today’s post I would like to talk about private blog networks, also known as PBN’s.  I’ve had some questions come in recently asking about how to rank sites, and I’ll touch on it in this post, and expand on it in a tutorial I’ll put on the site.  The all you really need to know is that a PBN is a site that is designed to rank another site.  Before I started doing internet marketing I had no idea that +99% of the entire internet was spam to rank that last 1%.

I have seen, and used hundreds of sites to rank a single site on the first page of Google.  This is so incredible I need to say it again, I have personally used well over 100 sites to just rank 1 other site.  In the instances where I’ve used these sites it has worked quite well to give the sites the power they needed to get onto the first page.  In these cases it was only for medium competition niches.  I have a friend who does much more competitive niches, and he goes back 8 or 10 tiers worth of sites.  A tier is another layer back, and its something I’ll expand upon in my PBN tutorial.  According to him some of the payday loans sites will go back an astonishing 20 tiers!  So for my medium competition niche I was using 120-150 sites in 3 tiers, can you even imagine what a 10 or even 20 tier network would require in amount of sites?

So what exactly do people do with these PBN’s that help you rank?  People get them hosted on different servers around the internet and load them up with content related do the site you intend to rank.  In addition to the PBN’s people will often use a 2.0 network to add additional power to help them rank without adding to the expenses of owning additional domains.  Check out the tutorial I’m working on to teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about a private blog network.

serpfox logoSo how do you track what you are ranking for once you have a site?  One of the best tools I’ve seen to rank sites with is SerpFox.  If all you own is 1 site you are trying to rank this is a great way to keep track of where exactly you are ranking for different keywords.  Not only is it free for up to 10 keywords, but it is a good deal more accurate than services I have paid for in tracking exactly where you rank.  Again you can follow up to 10 keywords for free, so it’s worth going over and getting your free account.

I want to let everyone know that I’ll be taking next week off from blogging to let my good friend Jason McCuen write about site speed, and how having an inexpensive host for your website could be hurting your rankings and your business.  Should be a great read.

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