Full Control SEO Networker Discount – 20% off FCS Networker

By now most people know that FCS Networker is the best software to make an army of 2.0 blog sites to help you rank your money sites.  You may have seen my FCS tutorials on another page of my site.  If you have not yet signed up, by clicking this link you can save 20% off the monthly fee for FCS Networker.

As I mentioned above, FCS lets you create an army of 2.0 sites that you can blast with other link building software to generate super high link juice filled 2.0 sites that point at your PBN’s or your money site.  Think of the power you can have if each of your PBN sites had 40-50 2.0 sites linking into them all pumped up with PA.  Your competition can’t compete with that!

If you follow my FCS tutorials, and use some automated link building software like GSA (tutorials here), you can quickly and easily build all the link juice you will ever need.  Don’t have the money to buy expensive high PR or PA domains?  Who cares, make them yourself.  50 2.o sites with high PA pointed at a fresh domain will save you hundreds of dollars per domain.  Just set the domain up and link your 2.0 sites to it and instant magic!  No need to spend thousands of dollars to out buy your competition if they’re buying PBN’s.  Just buy new domains and make your own 2.0 sites and you can out gun them with a Walmart budget.