How to Find a Reliable Web Host

Anyone that is new to websites might even be confused as to what web hosts are.  Web hosts are servers that hold your website and make it available to the world.  They are usually very powerful servers with a super fast internet connection.  In this video I go over four of the more popular and reliable web hosts that are out there that also happen to be fairly reasonably priced.  The four hosts in the order I talk about them are Host Gator, Blue Host, Godaddy  & MDD Hosting.  It is also important to know that by clicking the Godaddy link they have agreed to give anyone clicking it $2 a month hosting, that’s $3 off a month.  It is worth considering if you are considering any of the four I covered.

In the next tutorial I’ll cover how to choose a content management system for your website and later I’ll show you how to install it on your web host.

The case study I talked about that talked about website speed can be found here.