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exit pop imageSo over the last week I’ve been testing out some new software as I mentioned earlier.  I went looking for people that wanted some free traffic to help me test it.  So in this post I’m going to talk about the software, what it does, what it does well, and where it falls short.

So the software lets you place a link somewhere, someone else clicks on it and the idea is that it is an article that is relevant to them.  You can put it anywhere, on Facebook, a forum, on Twitter.  The article is an iframe overlay on a domain the folks at Exit Pop control.  The reader finishes up the article and they go to close the browser tab and are presented with an exit popup browser message.  You can configure it to anything you want, it helps to have it tailored to what your audience is.

The goal is to get them to click stay, so that they are directed to the next page you select.  The original intent of the Exit Pop software is for it to take the reader to an ad funnel, or CPA offer.  Some way to make money off of them.  The great thing is that the reader usually will not have any idea that the entire intent of the person posting the link for them is to present them with an advertisement or to try to sell them something.

One of the things that is great about this software is that unless you are paying attention to the url bar when you are reading the article, you will never know that you are not on cnn.com or any other site that was chosen to be displayed.  The overlay does a really good job of cloning the site, and the only real way to know what is going on is to see the url at the top of the page.

One of the things that made me so interested in this software was that I could find new articles daily on nearly any subject.  I could find any number of high traffic Facebook pages, forums, YouTube videos or who knows where else, and make a comment, and drop a link of something that people should be interested in and use someone else’s traffic to make affiliate sales.

money for nothingWho does not want to use someone else’s traffic to make money?  Making high quality sites is not easy work, and it takes time.  Tools like this are an amazing short cut, and do not require traffic, a website, high quality content, or waiting forever for results.  I’m not going to lie, if you know how to write a compelling message to get people to click stay, this could be a great way to make money.

The other thing this tool does pretty well is lets you drive traffic to another website.  Maybe you don’t want to sell any affiliate products right now, but want to build up some traffic to your own site so you can sell products from there after you build up a following.  This tool could let you do that.

Now for what the tool falls short on.  Again I was very excited about the idea of posting links on dozens and dozens of Facebook pages a day and driving their users to my affiliate and CPA offers, but what really happened was quite a let down.

facebook hates meAfter posting links on 9-10 different Facebook groups pages Facebook locked my account down.  They now require a phone conformation or credit card to let me post again in different groups.  So, it is not a shortfall of the tool itself, it is a feature of Facebook to prevent users from spamming their service.  I had hoped to be able to post on 30 pages at a time a similar message and a link and sit back and watch the traffic come in.

What ended up happening was that a few of my posts were deleted, and many were just buried under  a bunch of other comments, or the post I was commenting in was pushed down by more posts by the pages admin.  All of this resulted in 6 people clicking on my link, and zero sales.

Now I had thought about requesting a refund.  I can’t spam Facebook all day, but I can make periodic postings on different groups.  I’m not going to get the attention I had hoped to get, and overnight riches, but I think there may be some other quality ways to make money off this product.

As I mentioned earlier it can be used to drive traffic to peoples sites.  I could possibly sell it as a service to generate traffic from different forums.  I might even be able to find other ways to sell the exit pop feature to people, it is an area that needs to be explored more.  Other really good ways to use it would be to contact Facebook page admins and offer to help them monetize their sites.

Many Facebook page admins want to make money from their followers, but do not want to anger them by directly selling to them or advertising things.  This service would let these admins post content they were going to post already, content that their readers want, but rather than it appearing on the site it should have been on, it would be an overlay with an exit pop attached so that we could sell them something.  The Facebook admin would not be suspected of the advertisement because most readers would think that it came from the other site.

Twitter imageThe other area where this has potential is through Twitter.  It is not terribly hard to get followers to your Twitter, all you really need to do is follow someone and about 25% of the time they will follow you back.  You pick a niche that you like and can find lots of current articles.  Now you find people that are following others that also post in this niche.  There are different software tools that can help you find them, and follow them for you.

You start by doing 2-3 Tweets a day tweeting articles that your followers expect from you, and every day you follow a few more people, so that you can get them to follow you back.  Tweet Demon is perfect for this.  It follows a bunch of people each day, waits 2-3 days and it will auto unfollow people that do not follow you back.  In just a week of doing this you can have almost 100 followers.  After you pass 250 followers you can follow more at a time and after 2 months you should pass 1,000 followers.

Once you get to this number you can really start trying to get more followers without setting off any flags on Twitter.  You also have enough followers to your message that you could start getting some affiliate sales or CPA’s.  By the end of summer you could have around 5,000 followers.  If you’re posting 1 exit pop article a day you should start to get some decent traffic to your links.  The more traffic you have, the more sales you’ll get.

The one really other good thing this can do for your sites is you can use it to add an exit pop on all of your wordpress sites.  If your wordpress site is the funnel, and people are leaving the site for whatever reason, you can use the exit pop to keep them around.  Maybe you offer them something free to get them on your newsletter, or maybe you try a different way to make the sale.  For many marketers, this alone is worth the cost of the product.  The exit pop’s quite honestly take under a minute to set up.  This is the easiest way I’ve seen so far to put an exit pop on my sites, with minimal effort.

I plan to do a walk through tutorial soon as my schedule clears up.

If you think this software is something you have been waiting for and can make you a lot of money based on what I’ve talked about, hop on this link and jump in.

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