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click here, anchor textEveryone knows, or at least should know that links to your site will help you rank for different keywords.  As someone who buys domains everyday this is something I see all the time.  There is a pattern that Google looks for in a natural domain that is not trying to game their ranking system.

There are a few types of links that we need to talk about.  Branding links are ones that promote your brand.  Even if your site name is, odds are it is not your brand.  Your brand or brands might be Widget Master Blue Widgets.  Another one to know is url links.  Url links can be;;; widgetmaster.

anchor text diversityThe first 2 types, url and brand links are the types that Google expects to see the most.  Ideally between the 2 types you will make up over 50% of your links.  The reason why they expect them to be so high is because this is what a natural domain would do that was not doing any type of SEO to rank higher.

The next type is the one that gets many people in to trouble, the money keyword.  Blue Widget or Best Blue Widget, Buy Best Blue Widget.  Things like this.  Whatever you try to rank for to sell your product is the money keywords.  Back years ago all you needed to do was make these +90% of your keywords and you would rank all day in the search results for these keywords.  Why doesn’t it work anymore?  Because it is not natural.  There may be some big authority sites out there that can get away with this, but they are the exception to the rule.  If you are not a big faceless company with a ton of money to pour into advertising it is best to keep these links a small percent of your overall backlink profile.

Most internet marketers agree that you need them, but need to go out of your way to over do them.  Most suggest 2-3% per money keyword.  Any more and you risk having problems of not ranking, or worse having Google penalize your site keeping you from ranking.

The last type of link is generic or misc links.  These are the filler links you use to dilute your total money keywords.  These links are “visit post” or “visit authors website” or any number of other links that are not the url, brand, or money keyword.  Many of these will come from blogs, blog comments, forums, guest books or possibly citations.

What am I doing wrong?So what am I doing wrong?  Well first off, I’m not doing anything wrong if you take out the fact that I am not promoting my website with SEO.  I know that seems a little weird given that I am an internet marketer.  It is true though.  I promote my site through YouTube videos and on some popular forums.  Odds are you found out about my site from one of those 2 sources or a friend shared my site with you.

Lets assume I was doing SEO to promote my site.  Using the anchor text above we can see that over 50% of my links are url links.  This is good.  I even have some generic anchor text for “visit post”, and another that could be considered a money keyword “pr vs pa – a case study”.  At first glance the amount for that money keyword seems a bit high.  What I have not shared is how many links my site has.

Currently I only have 52 links to my site.  If I had more links to my site my money keyword would want to be a lower percent.  If I was doing SEO I would also want more money keywords.  Sure pr vs pa – a case study is not bad, but the amount of visitors I’ll get from that is nothing when you look at what SEO or internet marketing get for traffic.  So I would really want to get more links with those words.

Also because I am not a local business, citations are not going to help me.  To dilute my anchor text I’d want to use 2.0 sites with basic internet marketing articles on them linking to my site with generic keywords.  To get the other money keywords I would want to use a PBN network to add high link juice anchors to help me rank for those hard to rank for money keywords.

Other important things to note is that ideally you want to promote your site on either high quality sites, or sites that you control.  This prevents you from having problems later.  This is why I avoid link exchanges now, because if there is ever a problem it can be a huge pain to get your links off their site.  I’ve had it happen to me and I have found it easier to just run my own network of sites to promote my money sites.

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