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amazon fbaSorry for the late update this week and taking last week off.  I’ve been swamped here.  Before I go any further, this post will not be dealing with SEO related stuff, it is more of an update to what I’ve been doing and testing.  I recently had a friend tell me, hey this Amazon stuff is amazing.  I later had another friend tell me, hey this Amazon FBA is insane you need to be doing this.

Maybe you have seen all the promotions for the ASM products recently?  That’s the Amazing Selling Machine.  I started selling before all that came out, and honestly for the price it was at it was not something I was considering.  I started selling candy on April 10th.  Here we are and its May 1st, so exactly 3 weeks.

$120 worth of Cadbury EggsI started off with Easter candy.  It was the easiest to figure out for me while starting out.  I went out to Walmart and spent nearly 120$ on candy on my first visit.  The Cadbury Creme Eggs were selling for 2.88$ for a 5 pack and for a dozen mini’s.  On Amazon the 5 pack was selling for 8.88$ and 2 dozen of the mini’s were selling for nearly 17$.

I ended up going back and buying Peep’s candy with a plush toy, and some other stuff.  I completely sold out of the Cadbury Eggs (except the chocolate creme, but I only had 5 of those).  The Peeps and the eggs sold like hot cakes.  I started talking to the people who told me I needed to be doing this about other products to sell.  I got some hot tips and off I went to other retailers.

this is what nearly 400$ worth of cadbury eggs look likeI bought over 500$ in other merchandise, and sent it off.  I continued to buy more while I waited for that to arrive at Amazon for sale.  Last week I bought over 700$ of 50% off Easter candy.  Yes that’s right, 1400$ of candy for 50% off.  The way the sales had been going I really decided it was time to double down.

It looks like my gamble has paid off.  As soon as the first post Easter candy was received at Amazon it started selling, and quickly.  On the day that I write this (May 1st) I have had a huge jump in orders this week, selling as many as 13 items in 1 day.  In the 21 days that I have had my Amazon store up I’ve sold over 1400$ worth of goods, and after factoring in shipping costs and fee’s I’ve gotten back over $700 so far.

Because I’m still new at this I’m not yet making money.  I still have about another $700 to go to get even, but the way things are selling I am hoping that happens within the next 2 weeks.  After that everything is positive for me.  Right now the way things are working out with shipping and fee’s I’m making almost a dollar for every dollar I spend on product.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first.  I trusted my friends though as they had no reason to lie to me about the money that was out there, and I’m glad I took a chance.  The long term potential of this, just at the level I’m doing it at right now could be about $3000 a month in profit for only about 25-30 hours a week.  For a part time job this is pretty amazing money.

One of my friends has scaled up, and she’s doing over 50k a month in sales, so you can guess what she’s making.  So the opportunity is there to grow this if you have the vision, and want to spend the time to grow it.  I’d like to play with this and see how things go.  I’ve been thinking about ways to use Amazon with SEO to find ways to drive more traffic to products I want to sell and its possible in the future the two could work out great.  As it is now, I’m happy with the success I’ve had in just getting off the ground.

If you would like to explore this further I think this podcast will really give you some great information and help you get going.

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