The #1 thing you DON’T want to do in SEO

A good amount of the things that I cover on this site are things that could get you into trouble if Google caught you doing them.  There is nothing illegal, it just goes against the policies that Google has.  So if they catch you, you can bet that your site is going to not rank very well until you correct it.  Some of those are buying Private Blog Networks or PBN’s or using 2.0 blog networks.  If you use them in moderation and don’t go overboard you should be fine.  The other major problem Google has is people buying links.

a bunny with a pancake on his headThis is why I could not believe it when I read about T-mobile openly talking with a link seller over Twitter!  So you can bet that Google has dug in and found out about if in fact T-mobile was buying links or not.  If they are you can bet that several pages if not their entire site will be ranking quite a bit worse this week than they were last week.

The problem does not stop there.  With the link seller talking openly over Twitter, you can bet that Google will be crawling that site a bit harder than they normally would.  I would guess that any dofollow link from them is going to be looked at extremely closely and that several of the sites they link to will be heavily penalized as well as the site selling the links greatly having its site devalued if not de-indexed.  Given the amazing metrics that site was sporting, it will no doubt be a huge loss to their income going forward.  I would expect some people from both companies to be looking for new jobs.

deaf historyOK, so that is the bad end, buying links is a no-no.  So lets look at the other side of things.  My wife just launched a new site last week, and lets look at what she’s doing so far to get white hat visitors.

Two years ago her uncle died and left her quite a collection of deaf history that he had been putting together for years.  The stuff he had is really too much for us to hold on to forever as we just don’t have the space.  It is also something we cannot display, and none of the schools in the country have the ability to display it themselves, and are unwilling to pay for the shipping.

So as she was going through it, she realized the easiest way to display things would be with a website.  She is going through things 1 at a time and creating pages and posts with content.  I’ve done the keyword research and there is next to no traffic for any deaf related term, so ranking organically is going to be pointless.  Odds are she will be #1 in several search terms just because of how low of a competition there is.  It seems my wife has already found the secret to getting lots of natural traffic.

She shared the website with her friends on Facebook, many of them are deaf, and were very interested in her uncles collection when he was alive.  On her first day of having the site up she had 64 visitors.  I must admit I was quite jealous.  I’m building weekly content, dropping links in places where I know I’ll find people interested in what I’m doing and on day 1 she crushes me with over 20 more visitors than I have gotten on my best day.

I also do not think I will be able to catch up to the traffic she will be getting in a few weeks when she has even more content on her site.  It seems there are a lot of people out there that are interested in deaf history, and there is nothing all in 1 place like she is building.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes her to pass 100 visitors a day.

So you’ve seen the bad, and now the good.  If you know the best way to reach your audience (in my wife’s case social) it can be quite easy to drive traffic to your site without spending very much if any money.

For those that have not seen my other updates this week, I’ve added several new tutorials including part 2 of PBN’s and the first 2 parts to FCS Networker.  If you have not yet had a look I think it will be very worth your time.


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